Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How far in advance do we need to book?

Answer: This depends on what service or package you would like and availability.
For spring and summer weddings you need to book as early as you can to avoid disappointment as venues, locations and services can be booked up to 2 years in advance. But if you have flexibility in the dates you would like we can assist in booking the services in a very short period of time, it can be as little as a month or up to 2 years in advance.

Question: How much notice do we need to give prior to getting married?

Answer: Legally the notice of Intended Marriage form needs to be lodged with your celebrant or priest at least 1 month and 1 day prior to your wedding date. When you book with Essence Events we can supply you with this form and book your celebrant for you. We then liase with your celebrant to ensure all legal paperwork is completed for you to marry in Australia.

Question: How can we book a package or service?

Answer: Simply by contacting Essence Events either by telephone or email and letting us know your requirements, providing as much detail as possible so we can correctly ensure all services are available for the date you require.

Question: What are the seasons in Perth?


  • Spring - September, October, November
  • Summer - December, January, February
  • Autumn - March, April, May
  • Winter - June, July, August

Question: What is the climate like in Perth?

Answer: It is said that Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate. This means that for most of the year the weather is fine and sunny and the winters are mild and short. Meaning Perth is the perfect destination for your wedding.

Average temperatures and rainfall. (This is a guide only)

  • Spring - Temperature Daytime 18-27 overnight 9-15

Rainfall 22-80mm

  • Summer -Temperature Daytime 27-33 overnight 15-21

Rainfall 9-14mm

  • Autumn -Temperature Daytime 21-30 overnight 9-18

Rainfall 19-123mm

  • Winter - Temperature Daytime 15-21 overnight 6-12

Rainfall 135-182mm

Question: What type of flowers are available for our wedding?

Answer: Below is a guide to the types of flowers that may be available. If you have a particular favourite and it is not listed then please let us know as this list is not comprehensive. (This is a guide only).


  • Arum lilies (beauty)
  • Peonies (ambition and determination)
  • Camellias (red- excellence, white - perfect loveliness)
  • Gardenias (purity, joy, sweet love)
  • Ranunculus ( radiant, charming)


  • Frangipanis (shelter)
  • Agapanthus (secret love)
  • Calla lilies (magnificent beauty, purity)
  • Freesias (Innocence)
  • Garden roses (love, joy, beauty)
  • Jasmine (wealth)
  • Lavender (loyalty)
  • Snap dragon (gracious)
  • Lisianthus (outgoing nature)
  • Orchids (love, beauty, magnificence)


  • Oriental lilies (virtue, wealth, pride)
  • Daffodils (Regard)
  • Poppies (imagination)
  • Sunflowers (adoration, loyalty)
  • Sweet peas (pleasure)


  • Peonies (ambition and determination)
  • African violets (faithfulness, admiration)
  • Camellias (longing, adorable)
  • Gardenias (purity, joy, sweet love)
  • Ranunculus (radiant, charming)

Year round

  • Asiatic lilies (wealth, prosperity)
  • babies breath (innocence)
  • Carnations (pink - boldness, red - love, white - innocence, talent)
  • Chrysanthemums ( wealth, abundance, truth)
  • Daises ( gentleness, innocence, loyalty, romance)
  • Gerberas (cheerfulness, beauty)
  • Oriental lilies (virtue, wealth, pride)
  • Hot house roses (love, joy, beauty)
  • Tulips (love, passion)

Question: What are the meaning of colours?


  • White - purity and innocence
  • Yellow - cheerfulness
  • Orange - warmth and fire
  • Red - love and passion
  • Green - spring and new life
  • Blue - dignity and strength
  • Purple - Loyalty, accomplishment and admiration
  • Lavender - royalty, youth, femininity, grace and elegance

Question: When are the school holidays in Perth?

Answer: As a general guide the school terms are generally

  • January to April
  • April to July
  • July to September
  • October to December